Diversity and Inclusion Hiring Recruitment Plans

Diversity and Inclusion Hiring Recruitment Plans were developed as part of UMBC’s ADVANCE Program and institutionalized in 2011 by the Office of the Provost for all faculty searches at UMBC. These plans are developed by the members of a search committee and are designed to help them plan and execute faculty searches that are aligned with UMBC’s core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Below are the Provost Office’s expectations for Diversity Hiring Recruitment Plans. Please consult with your Dean’s Office for additional college-based requirements. 

Plan Components:

1. Cover Sheet

2. Search Committee Composition, Rationale, and Roles

  • The plan should include a section that details the members of the search committee, a rationale for the inclusion of each member, along with each member’s role(s).

3. Active Recruitment Strategy

  • The plan should include a section that specifically outlines how departments will recruit for the opening with the primary aim of assembling a diverse applicant pool. Departments may include:
    • Where they will place the job advertisement, including social media and listservs
    • Conferences (field-specific, diversity specific) they will attend in-person to recruit for the
    • Individuals, colleagues, programs/universities, scholar programs and award databases
      (e.g., SREB, Ford Fellows, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship) they will contact to
      invite to apply or publicize the opening within their networks.

4. Draft Job Advertisement

  • The plan should include a draft of the job advertisement that is welcoming and uses inclusive
    language. Please request that all applicants submit a statement of commitment to diversity,
    equity, and inclusion in higher education as part of their application submission.

5. Initial Evaluation Strategy

  • The plan should describe the process the search committee will use to review applications and
    assemble long, short, and interview lists. Please also include a draft rubric, if available.

6. Initial Interview Strategy

  • The plan should include a process and strategy for how the search
    committee/department/program will conduct inclusive interviews. Please also include draft interview questions, if available.

Stages of Plan Review:

  • Upon completion, the search committee chair should submit the plan along with its cover sheet
    to their department/program chair/director for review.
  • Department/Program Chairs/Directors should review the plan and submit to the Dean’s Office
    for review.
  • The Dean’s Office should review the plan and submit it to the Provost’s Office for review.
  • The Provost Office will review and provide feedback and/or approval to the Dean’s Office.